What does M51 Resources, Inc. stands for?

Today’s engineers, managers, and technicians live in a world of increasing deadlines with an ever-growing need for deep and immediate knowledge.

M51 Resources started with the realization that training, consulting, and research activities could no longer be seen and considered in isolation but rather as a whole interrelated system for promoting knowledge in the field of advanced composite materials and for all the people and industries relying on such technology.

By developing answers to specific issues through research and consultation; we give ourselves the tools and insights to develop the most pertinent training courses for our clients.

Being able to deliver our courses “On-Site” also allows us to bring the expertise out of the classroom and directly in the field where this training and solutions can immediately be translated and applied to our client’s diverse work environments.

Each of our courses are taught by seasoned professionals that are experts in their field and recognized as top trainers in the industry.

When applicable each course dies to combine classroom lectures and hands-on experience so that learning is
maximized by involving the participants every step of the way.

M51 Resources, Inc.
M51 Resources, Inc.

“Our MISSION is to improve the lives of the individuals and organizations trusting us to provide them with the highest level of understanding and expertise in the aerospace and advanced composites community.

We do offer our clients numerous options either as elective (standalone) courses or as part of a complete core program while all our technician classes are provided in collaboration with our partners at Earth & Flight Composites based in The Netherlands.

Our core program is designed to be a complete engineering program for all engineers and managers working in the advanced composites industry.

It is a perfect solution for all organizations looking to curtail travel costs and needing full schedule flexibility.
It all start with a 5-day introduction to the basics of advanced composite materials and requires no previous knowledge of the subject.

From there 4 courses will follow, each of them building on each other.

The courses include a lot of insightful workshops that will bring the subjects to life and out of the textbooks.

M51 Resources

How does the program work?

Once your organization enrolls in the program. We will provide those 5 courses, in order, within 12 months from enrollment on dates and locations of your choosing.

As part of the program, we allow you to place 12 students in each class under the package pricing agreement. Should your organization require more seats for one or more of the courses; individual extra seat pricing is available.

Once enrolled; the novice students can take all the courses in order while the experienced engineers can pick the ones they think will deepen their knowledge. You are in charge of who takes what course in the program. Completion of the whole program (5 courses) and a final project encompassing all 5-course material by a student will earn him or her a certificate of program completion. Students taking selected courses will receive certificate of completion for those particular courses.

The courses

Introduction to Composite Materials for Engineers and Managers ENC101 Stress Analysis of Composite Materials ENC102 Design and Manufacture of Composite Structures ENC103 Advanced Stress Analysis of Composite Structures ENC104 Composites Structures Defect/Damage Assessment and Restoration ENC105

All full course descriptions and their programs can be found on our website.

Progress Through Knowledge

The Final Project

Individual final projects will be assigned to each student that have completed all 5 courses. The topics will be determined according to their level of experience and field of work. Students have 30 days to turn in their projects.