Rolf Hovener

Dear visitor, my name is Rolf, Alexander and are the EFC Business Development & Purchasing Manager.

My job is to promote EFC training, managing forecasts, prepare quotes and close deals.
I am also responsible for business relationships and acquisition.

I joined EFC in 2015 to take care of the business end of the company.

I  started my career at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines as an aircraft sheet metal structure specialist.
In 1988 I was asked to join the KLM Engineering & Maintenance Training Department, where I met Bert Groenewoud EFC, the elearning academy owner &Founder.
I also graduated the Polytechnics for vocational training (2nd degree in teaching). I developed many courses in many years, and after that, I focused on the commercial side of training and development.

Rolf has two decades of experience in actual hands-on training, training development, two decades in purchasing, selling and buying training for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’  training department.
In this role, Rolf created an extensive network in the commercial aviation maintenance world where EFC benefits from.
Do not hesitate to contact Rolf if you have any questions concerning EFC training, planning and consultancy.

Thank you for visiting us, and I am also sure you can find the course on this academy platform that will benefit your future career.

If you are an HR manager or Composite shop lead, please let me know if you want to discuss your training options for actual training or recurrency or recurrent training.
Please send me an email.
You can also schedule a virtual meeting with the EFC owner Bert Rroenewoud (Click this link)