Bert Groenewoud

Thank you for visiting our e-learning website, which we have developed to bring my knowledge and the team to this e-learning platform which you can benefit from.  Secondly, we want to share our knowledge gained over decades.
Altogether, the EFC team brings 120 years of knowledge to the table for you, which is in our minds and what we want to share with you in the composite world.

I am Bert Groenewoud, the founder/owner of Earth & Flight Composites Bv (EFC, was founded in 2012 ), and no have two training website sites, an e-learning academy and a practical Hands-on training site

I am a graduate of the Polytechnics for Vocational training ( 2nd degree in teaching). I am a qualified education professional with over more than 33 years of experience as a qualified teacher, trainer, curriculum developer and education leader.
I have more than three decades of experience in the composite industry through 30 years in my work for the K.L.M. Royal Dutch Airlines in  Sheet metal, Metal bonding, and as an instructor at the KLM Royal Dutch Airlines training department from 1988.

SAE-CACRC meetings
I also am one of the founders of the SEA CACRC, founded in 1991.

In 1991, when working for the KLM training department,  together with the initiator  KLM engineer Henk Lodewijk we were one of the SAE-IATA, ATA, CACRC (Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee) founders 1991 in the standardization of composite training, repair and materials.

Also, our EFC instructors are currently still very active in the SAE-C.A.C.R.C. Training Task Group Meetings with other experts from Boeing, Airbus.
Also, major Airlines like Airfrance / KLM, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa training, HEACO, China, the FAA, the EASA and many more are present in the CACRC.
We have been creating the Aviation industry standard approved by the EASA and FAA following in 2021.
Boeing and Airbus already have implemented these recommended SAE-CACRC standards and processes in their Structural Repair Manuals.

After my KLM working period at KLM Engineering & Maintenance,  I became a  Material & Process Engineer at Airborne Int.  in the manufacturing Aerospace parts, large Telescopes and repair of composite drones for Air defence.
Responsible for all work processes and workflow, work instructions, advanced training and design of advanced tooling assist in  VARTM and much more.
I have used my in-depth knowledge and skills in developing advanced composite tools, advanced tool design, fabrication maintenance, and composite tool repair in this position.

EFC assist
Upon request, EFC performs actual repairs, Certifying staff work, Composite tooling design, fabrication, and On-the-Job Training (OJT)
Inbetween courses, EFC performs assistance in repairs of mostly commercial Aircraft Parts and Radomes at HEICO Aircraft Maintenance.

HEICO ACM is a Part 145 repair company based in Leipzig, Germany, and a long-time partner of EFC since 2017.
We, as EFC, use their fully equipped facility as a training location for composite and metal bond training and O.J.T. for composite technicians.

I  am also frequently hired as a composite professional in process and engineering tasks in the making of large Array antennas, telescopes, for example, positioned at the ALMA  Atacama hights in Chile. In April 2021, I am hired as a Material Process engineer for the design and processing of the advanced tooling and the assembly of the Antarctic South pole Disc fabricated at GTM Advanced Structures in the Haque.
Feel free to contact me anytime if you have questions about advanced composite tooling.

Click this link to schedule a paid virtual meeting with me “Bert Groenewoud” about any commercial aviation repair topic and the design and making of composite tooling.
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