Alex Gil Rojas

Hi, pleased to meet you. I am Alex Gil Rojas.
I am a  highly motivated person and do have the latest knowledge and skills available. I gained over 14 years of experience in R&D, Research & Development in composite mould/tooling design and manufacturing parts in production for the Automotive, Formula 1, Aerospace and Aviation.
I joined Eart&Flight composites in February 2019, assisting in teaching hands-on training to technicians working in the Aerospace, Leisure sport and Automotive industries.

After demonstrating my talent and skills, I became part of the R&D department and later promoted to Composite Design engineer at Red Bull Racing the F1 Team.
In this role, first as a laminator and then as a design engineer, I was responsible for making/designing Formula One (F1) body parts, tooling and jigs for Red Bull racing in the UK.

In my role as an instructor, I teach Composite Tooling / Mould making classes, as well in aviation as in automotive Formule one.
Being a hands-on person, I can pass on my skills to technicians and engineers in a learning situation capable of teaching technicians, engineers.

Alex teaches our classes in English and native Spanish for our Spanish-speaking clients worldwide.
If you have a question for Alex, do not hesitate to contact him.