Earth &Flight Composites BV Training & Consultancy is a Hands-On and remote designed e-learning training academy platform offering commercial aircraft maintenance repair courses for technicians complying with applicable requirements and regulations for online completion.

Yes, we develop our composite and metal bonded courses to the SAE-AIR industry standards. They are accepted and recommended by the EASA in AMC20-29 and by the FAA in AC20-107.
In addition, the EASA and the FAA have participated in developing the SAE AIR industry standards, as has EFC as part of the Training task group team of the SAE-CACRC

To enrol on a course, please sign in with your First and Last name and email address and visit our elearning-shop. Add a selected course to the CART and proceed to payment.

All our courses are compliant with and set up according to the principles of SEA-CACRC syllabus requirements.

We have numerous clients worldwide, all of whom accept our certificates. The organization responsible decides whether to take training certificates. All our syllabuses are available within each course content description.

All our dedicated technical staff courses follow the relevant SAE AIR syllabus requirements accepted by the EASA and FAA. Therefore, the certificates are accepted worldwide. Some of our courses do not follow the standards. It is up to the customer to run and validate these courses with their quality system.

You can contact us by filling in our CONTACT  form on this website.
We will do our utmost to contact you within 24 hours.

To register, please follow the link (or click on the Register button TAKE THIS COURSE, provide your email and preferred password. Once you click Register, you will receive an email notification to verify your profile.
When your profile is verified, you can start following FREE or Paid courses.

Most of our courses are non-led instructor-courses–. Others are presentations with artificial voice over, PowerPoint videos and regulair videos.

All EFC designed courses provided on our Online e-learning platform as interactive and up to date as possible from our extensive knowledge.  Sometimes supported by high-quality videos and pictures and voice over.
The relevant displayed course material slides allow you to evaluate the information step by step. Every course starts with an Objective Who ,What and Why and lessons and quizzes. Please let us know if you did not find the course in the filed of composites and what topic you would  to be discussed in a course?

We are always glad to have positive feedback from our costumers.
If you want a subject to be discussed in a course which we do not sell of have pleas  let us know by sending as aan email

All EFC designed courses provided on our Online elearning platform are as interactive and up to date
as possible, mostly supported by high-quality videos and pictures. Before you can start the course,
you must enter your details into the system. Enter your Name and Surname as you would like them to
appear on your certificate.
Yes, all participants can take the final exam twice.

No, you cannot follow a course or complete a course without your email registration.
we keep your email safe according to the European GPDR and International privacy rules effective from May, 2018. If you have a ticket number and a password, this will set up an account for you.

You can use our PayPal or Stripe account for secure payment.
Paypal or Stripe is one of the safest ways to make online payments.
Go to PayPal or Stripe to register for a PayPal account and pay there to our account.

Only registered users can purchase courses. So, sign up here, visit our e-shop, add the required course or courses to the cart and click “Checkout” on the cart. Adjust the number of the courses. Apply a voucher if you have one or bonus points and click to proceed, fill in the billing information (select if you are paying as an individual or company) and click “Proceed” again. Then select a payment method (PayPal or Stripe) and click “Pay”.

Once your payment is received, the course becomes active in your profile, and you can start the lessons as is

For each course run, you will receive bonus points which you can save and use if you have collected enough bonus points to enrol on a course of your choice for free.
See our overal bonus points list

With the login credentials provided in your email, you can log in to your account, if you then choose
the menu option “My account” you will get an overview of all your options. One of them will be an
overview of your invoices from which you can view billing history. You will also get an email invoice
when you buy a course.

Yes, we do provide video recording and other documentation with our courses. All material is available while studying only. Once you are in a course, depending on the course, you will be able to download Sheet sheets, work plans and other course-related information. 

Currently, we accept payments via PayPal and Stripe

A voucher is a code that allows you to apply a discount before the payment. We invite you to follow us on

To apply for a voucher at our e-shop, add the required course to the cart and click “Checkout” on the cart icon. You will see a “Voucher” textbox at the bottom of the page. Type your voucher code in the textbox and click “Apply”. The discount will be applied, and the total sum will be adjusted right away.

Yes. You can start a purchased course for a certain period given when you start a purchase for private. Once activated, you have to run the course within the noted time in days to complete it. You will receive an automatic reminder when the validity period is nearly coming to an end.

Once you have completed your course successfully, an electronic certificate in PDF Adobe format is issued, which you can download. If you need a printed copy, you can on any printer. TIP: Store your PDF on Google drive or at Apple cloud Storage to keep it safe.
We also can supply you with a HARD COPY of your certificate at cost. Shipping is included in the price!
You can order a certificate.  (Click here) and email us at info@efcomposites.com and  the following details:

  1. Title and completion date of the course for which a certificate is required,
  2. Complete and full Certificate delivery address and NAME of the receiver.

No, you can follow the course at your own pace within the given time frame; pause the course when you need to go. Next time you log in, you will find the course in your list and continue watching it from where you stopped. Your only deadline is two months from the start!

The certificate is issued automatically after completing the course with quiz questions and passing the minimum exam rate of 75%.

Once you complete your course, the certificate is sent to your email account. Otherwise, you can log in to your account and select “My Courses”. Click on Completed course and print or download your certificate from there.

If you have received the course from your company, then the certificate is sent to your company upon completion. Please contact us at info@efcomposites.com to request your certificate in PDF format..

If you still find wrong information which you should have checked before when you fill in your first and last name during your certificate, contact us at info@efcomposites.com and will handle it accordingly. Normally we do charge you an administration fee for changing a certificate while it is your responsibility to check your personal data before you start any course.

If you have failed the examination, you will have to wait 48 hours before taking the 2nd chance. During this time, you can click on the Course details, navigate to any chapter and revise the content you do not feel confident about. If you fail the 2nd attempt, you will need to re-purchase the course again and repeat it in full to get another exam attempt.

When you are an HR of shop-lead manager and want  to get your team trained, you will find a Corporate account beneficial. It allows you to create an employee list, assign a course to a group of employees, monitor the completion progress and receive certificates for the completed studies, all to be stored in one place. Your employees can start an assigned course within 6 months from the date of purchase with a corporate account. Klick on thee corporate button on the website and leave you contact details there for us.

Please  (Click here)  for an account, mark the checkbox “I want to create a corporate account”. Fill in your account data as well as your company details. Once you click Register, you will receive an email notification to verify your profile. When your profile is confirmed, you will log in and start using all the features right away.

If you have a Personal account and would like to change it into Corporate, please contact us at info@efcomposites.com with a request, and we will do it for you!

No. Each employee needs to sign up for a separate account as the account information is later used for the certificate.

If you feel registration with the email address may be challenging, share the course as a ticket. In this case, the system will generate temporary login credentials in pdf format, which you can share with your colleagues.

Please let us know what your question is and its benefits the FAQ list we will ad your question and the answer to this FAQ list!

To create and manage an employee list, select “My Courses” from the top menu. Then click “My Employees” in the “Employees” submenu. You can create an employee list manually or use the “Import” functionality to import an xls file.

We use “Calendly:  For any questions, you may have and want to talk with us directly about any subject about advanced composites, or our courses or consultancy work through Calandly.
Schedule an appointment (Click here) in Calandly and everything is automated.
For corporate use, meetings call please select the info call option for HR or Shop lead management only! ( Click here)