OLMS-086 Aircraft Location & Numbering System

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What is an Aircraft Location & Numbering System about?

Training type
This Aircraft Location & Numbering and zone system is a theoretical online e-learning course.

Required course duration, time and learning method
At least 1 hour and 30 minutes if your knowledge is up to date.
Find a nice quiet place to focus! Your progress is saved.
Feel free to break up your learning experience into sessions. When you come back, you can pick up right where you left off!
Text combined  pictures and a short quiz

About this course
What are Aircraft Location and numbering systems about?

  • Aircraft maintenance has to be carried out quick and adequately.
  • To do this, it is necessary to know where parts are located
  • This knowledge is also essential during maintenance, weighing, jacking and aligning etc.
  • For this purpose, a system or orientation and numbering system have been created that divides the aircraft into planes, zones, stations.

Who should take this Aircraft Location & Numbering course?
Target Group

Personnel of a Part 145 organization (MRO) must maintain the aircraft and easily localize the areas to perform maintenance and repair work.

  •  Aircraft  Composite Repair technician,
  • Sheet metal worker,
  • Inspector,
  • Aircraft Mechanic,
  • Certifying staff,
  • Shop lead manager.

What will you learn and know?

You will learn the basic location and numbering systems as used Boeing and Airbus type of aircraft.
After this e-learning course, you will have a good overview of how standard notations of locations are situated at the Aircraft giving you an advantage in your career!

  • This course can help you locate your work area better and quicker at an inspection, damage reporting, damage location finding.
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After studying this submodule:

  • you will be familiar with the aircraft orientation system
  • you will know the aircraft zone/area system
  • you will be able to locate damage on and inside an aircraft

Benefits of enrolling on this course

Enrolling and finishing every course and finishing it ultimately, you will earn points.
With these points earned, adding them up, you can register for paid classes. If you collected enough points, you could enrol on a course for FREE.

Learning Method and conception
Online e-learning by text. everyone can manage this e-learning course at the own pace and timing

Language of course and quiz:
Technical British and American English

Group Size
 Unlimited size for this knowledge quiz
Corporate solution: If you have more than 10 participants to enrol as a company, contact us by filling in the corporate contact form. Click here, please!

Examination/Final Outcome

At the end of this short online e-learning course, you find an interactive quiz.
The examination is a three-question answer multiple-choice quiz.
The average pass rate for an examination is 75%, and on completion, to receive a certificate.

Course content:

  1. Introduction
  2. B747 Wing
  3. A380 Wing
  4. A350 Wing
  5. Stabilo plane
  6. Engine orientation numbering
  7. Stringer Location
  8. Aircraft Zone Arrangement
  9. Final Quiz

Minimum Requirements for this online e-learning course:

  • Internet access
  • Note pad, desktop, or you're mobile/cell phone
  • Able to read technical English language.
  • A4 size notebook
  • pencil or ballpoint in case you want to make notes
  • Not required but helpful: In-ear plugs or headset
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