OLMS-070 Vernier Caliper (Length Measuring Techniques)

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OLMS-070 Vernier Calliper (Length Measuring Techniques)

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  1. This Safety course will take approximately one hour and a half to complete.
    The actual time of finishing this course can be less when your actual knowledge is up to date.  Find a nice quiet place to focus!
  2. Your progress is saved. Feel free to break up your learning experience into sessions.
    When you come back, you can pick up right where you left off!
  • Vernier callipers are measuring tools used mainly for measuring linear dimensions.
  • These callipers come in handy in measuring the diameter of circular objects.
  • Their circular jaws fit securely on either side of the circumference of round things.
  • Vernier callipers have two types of scales- a fixed main plate and a moving Vernier scale.
  • The main scale usually is in millimetres or 1/10th of an inch.
  • Vernier callipers score well over standard rulers because they can measure precise readings up to 0.001 inches.
  • Vernier scales you use along with the Vernier calliper for accurate measurements.

Who should take this Vernier Callipers course?

  • Composite Repair technician, Composite inspectors, Mechanics, Composite certifying staff
  • If you need information, please contact us
  • Corporate solution: If you have more than 10 participants to enrol as a company, contact us by filling in the corporate contact form. Click this link.

What will you learn and know?

  • You will learn what your current knowledge level is for the Part 1 course

Why should you take this course?

  • By the end of this course, you will have a good overview of your current and actual knowledge, which is essential for your future career!

Benefits of enrolling on this course

  • Enrolling and finishing every course and finishing it ultimately, you will earn points. With these points earned, adding them up, you can register for paid classes if you collected enough points on the points needed to enrol on a course for free.

Rules for engaging this assessment knowledge level test

  • The correct answer is behind the letter a,b or c.
  • the best result of your current actual knowledge.
  • Quiz answering time we set at 45 seconds per question
  • You can invite your colleagues working in the advanced composite industry to enrol for this course

Learning Method

  • Online e-learning by text and video.
  • You can follow this course at your pace, where ever you are at any time.

Language of course quiz:

  • Technical British and American English

Minimum Requirements for this online e-learning course:

  • Internet access;
  • Able to read technical English language.
  • notebook and ballpoint in case you want to make notes
  • Not required: In-ear plugs or headset

Group Size

  • Unlimited size for this knowledge quiz

Examination/Final Outcome

  • After this online short e-learning course, you find an interactive quiz,
  • The examination is a three-question answer multiple-choice quiz.
  • The average pass rate for an examination is  75%, but this into a course to pas but an assessment level knowledge course


  • Upon completing this online e-learning assessment test, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment
  • You can download it in PDF format after completion.

Course Content

  1. General
    1. Introduction
    2. Vernier Callipers parts
    3. Measuring possibilities
  2. Reading accuracy
    1. General
    2. Reading accuracy 0,05 millimetre
    3. Reading accuracy 0,02 millimetre
    4. Reading accuracy 1/128 inch
    5. Reading accuracy .001 inch
  3. Measuring accuracy
    1. General
    2. Maintenance
  4. Special types
  5. Vernier height gauge
  6. Digital Vernier Callipers
  7. Summary
  8. Notes
  9. Questions

Internet Access
One  Vernier Calliper, Metric and Inch scale
Notebook, pen or pencil
Not required but at your choice: A headset or earplugs
Free download of Conversion table with Inch to metric and fractures

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