OLMS-055 How to fabricate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Radome Repair Tool

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OLMS-055 How to fabricate a Boeing 787 Dreamliner Radome Repair Tool.

Welcome and thank you for visiting  Earth &  Flight Composites e-learning platform for this Boeing 787 Radome Tooling Splash course.

“Learn from the experts to become an expert.”

  1. This 787 Radome repair tool fabrication is a step by step course with short tips and quizzes in between
  2. This course will take you approximately ??? hours and xx half hours to complete.
    The actual time of finishing this course can be less when your actual knowledge is up to date.  Find a nice quiet place to focus!
  3. Your progress is saved. Feel free to break up your learning experience into sessions.
    When you come back, you can pick up right where you left off!

Who should you take this e-learning Radome tooling fabrication course?

  • Composite Repair technicians, Composite laminators, having (advised prerequisite) 2 to 5 years experience in  advanced composite fabrication or repair
  • Composite Certifying staff, and engineers, composite shop lead managers.
  • Also, anyone who has experience in working with advanced composites can benefit from this course.
  • If you need more information, please contact us,  schedule a Calendly video call meeting with us one on one.

After this course You are able to:

  • “plan the work and work as planned” to fabricate a full-size Boeing 787 Dreamliner Radome Repair Tool or mould.
  • order the correct LTM prepreg tooling fibers
  • demonstrate the use of 200 and 600 grams manufacturer  or pre-cut  Low-Temperature Mold Prepreg (LTM)
  • to prepare a standard Boeing 787 Dream liner Radome to become a master model for an LTM tooling pre-preg splash
  • to disassemble Boeing 787 Dreamliner Radome parts,  attachments and latches
  • to thaw stored LTM pre-preg material tiles and cut tiles when needed on the actual radome using Aluminium thin strips
  • to prepare a Boeing 787 Radome with damaged and temporary fill dents
  • to prepare and cut square LTM prepreg tiles for a layup
  • demonstrate to bring on primer and the right type of paint on the original reworked radome
  • to bring on plywood extended return flanges and how to attach them to the existing 787 radome
  • to state the step by step layup sequence and Warp directions of the LTM prepreg
  • to incorporate leak frames in the return flanges with LTM prepreg
  • to layup fibre laminates symmetrically and a balanced lay-up of a tool using the tool ply lay-up checklist
  • to apply a Debulking sequence during the process of layup according to manufacturer specifications MDS
  • to perform a Heat survey in an oven or Autoclave before the actual cure and post-cure
  • to use an oven or autoclave with precise thermocouple placement (TC Mapping) on the laid up tool and existing Boeing 787 radome
  • to describe how to best release the cured tool from the existing Boeing 787 Radome and wooden sub-structure
  • to apply a Post-cure a Radome tool freestanding explaining the Post- cure cycles and monitoring
  • to apply Post-cure best versus life cycle of the tool or mould?
  • to apply a Leak test of the tool/mould?
  • state step by step how to detect leakage present with water infusion and how to resolve leakage
  • to apply sufficient sealer and mould release agent according to the material MDS
  • to fabricate and use a reusable vacuum bag, saving time and money in the repair of 787 Radomes
  • to use a logbook for the tool and assign a designated tooling number for the required tooling registration
  • to use the logbook with actual data of sealer bring on a release film data applying a touch-up and filing repair data
  • to apply Tool maintenance and repair to a Boeing 787 radome tool and store it properly

Why should you take this course?

  • This course gives you an overall advantage and important benefits over others in your field in  your future aviation composite repair career!
  • We will take you by the hand in a step by step process to first prepare an existing Boeing 787 Radome and make it ready to become a Plug or master to make a mould from
  • We will explain the making of in detail using professional jargon discuss tool acronyms used during this course.
  • You can download FREE PDF cheat sheets, work plans, plan the work, material lists, and also buy a Paid course/ guide book written by us as experts in our field.
  • After this course, you have the guidance and know-how to prepare an existing Boeing 787 Radome to withdraw a repair tool from
  • Enrolling on this Boeing 787 tooling fabrication course, in general, will save you time and money and the frustration, and mistakes of creating such a tool.
  • If you are more experienced and have fabricated a Boeing 737 Radome tool, this Boeing 787 has different features and gives you an additional guide in the making of.

Finally, It should benefit your company or you and your colleagues/lead shop managers to enrol for this course
You will have a better understanding of what it takes to fabricate a Boeing 787 Radome Repair tool.
Secondly, also management and shop leads will get a better overview of the sometimes complex steps to take in this process, which can be time-consuming.

Please read our BLOG about radome tooling fabrication (Click this link)

Extras Bonussus along this course are available for you to download:

  • FREE, PDF/ Word/-Work plan sheet ready to use
  • FREE, PDF/Word/- Overview list  of materials ready to use  
  • FREE, PDF/Word/-Equipment List needed to fabricate a Boeing 787 Tool,
  • FREE, PDF/Pre-preg LTM Tooling Layup schedule in colour for the lay-Up of the actual LTM tooling prepreg
  • FREE,  PDF/ Word/-Debulk schedule
  • FREE, PDF/ – Pre-preg LTM Edge leak prevention frames build-up scheme
  • FREE, JPG/-Pictures and construction of the steel Tool Sub-frame construction
  • PAID, eBook-PDF/”Guide to fabricate a Boeing 787  Dreamliner Composite Repair Tool ” using  large original and actual pictures as shown in this e-learning course (Click this link for your course book)

Do you require Hands-on courses Onsite at your company facilities?
Please do contact us for our  Hands-On Radome Tooling fabrication course (any Radome) at your facility!

Plan a Virtual call with us using Calendly and Zoom (Click this link)  We will be happy to advise you
To go to our Hands-On Tooling splash course web page (Click this link)
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