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OLMS-020 Advanced Composites General Knowledge Assessment test  Part I

Learn from the best Course Creators in Advanced Composites.”

Where can I test my current knowledge in advanced composite repair?
Right here, you can!

Training type
Composite knowledge assessment quizzes

What is your general knowledge about Advanced Composites?

Course duration, time and learning method

  • Assessment Duration Time At least 6 hours and 30 minutes of knowledge are up to date.
    Find a nice quiet place to focus!
    Feel free to break up your learning experience into sessions. Then, when you come back, you can pick up right where you left off!
    Only 17 Quiz modules in multiple-choice
  • Your progress is saved.
  • Take your knowledge to a higher level after y taking this assessment test, a self-grading assessment test.
  • Your current knowledge per quiz score is lower than 75%; we advise you to enrol for additional training knowledge level by taking our courses or modules.

Who should take this knowledge level assessment test?

  • A Part 145 organization (MRO) personnel must maintain the aircraft and easily localize the areas to perform maintenance and repair work.
  • Composite Repair technicians, Composite laminators, Composite QC Inspectors, Composite NDI inspectors, Composite Shop lead Managers.
    Composite Engineers and Certifying staff, and everyone else who wants to test their current knowledge of advanced composites
  • Recruiting agency and their contractors who want to become composite repair technicians.
  • If you need more information, schedule a virtual video call meeting with us one on one. For example, click the following link:  Schedule a virtual MEETING with Us.
  • Corporate solutions!  If you have more than 5 participants to enrol as a company, contact us by filling in the corporate contact form. Click this link.

General information where this  general knowledge level test comes from
This General knowledge assessment test is meant for those working to repair Advanced composites in Commercial Aviation and others.
This assessment test is set up according to the ATA/IATA/SAE Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (C.A.C.R.C.)
The Aerospace Information Report AIR 4938-PART  I – Curriculum is a General Composite Structural Bonded Repair Curriculum with 17 modules.

This SAE- AIR4938 document contains the minimum required training hours needed for a technician to work as approved staff aerospace and maintenance centres MROs.
Secondly, the European EASA airworthiness Autoreties already has approved this curriculum in 2020.
The FAA plans to approve this training document as a standard for Commercial Aviation composite repair training in 2021.

The above mentioned SAE and (CACRC) charter, Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (CACRC), was founded in 1990.
The CACRC was founded by the owner/founder of this online learning  website “Bert Groenewoud” (former KLM Instructor) and Henk Lodewijk (Former KLM Composite Engineer)
Both Bert and Henk worked for KLM Engineering & Maintenance and developed standards for maintenance and repair of composite to save cost.
As of today, 2021, website owner/founder  Bert Groenewoud is still active in attending the virtual current meetings of the CACRC charter task groups.

The goal was then and still is now to improve maintenance, inspection and repair of advanced composite in commercial aircraft structure and its components.

The current SAE- CACRC task groups to standardize commercial aviation maintenance and Composite Repair courses;

  • Repair Materials task group,
  • Repair Techniques, the task group
  • Training task group
  • Analytical Repair Techniques task group
  • Design task group (Boeing, Airbus and other OEMs)
  • NDI/NDT Inspection task group
  • Airline Inspection & Ramp Repair Conditions task group
  • Procedures task group (New added task group in April 2021)
    We encourage everyone to share knowledge and skills about advanced composites and to join one of these task groups in your field you know best of.
    Please contact us, and we refer you to the board SAE of the Commercial Aircraft Composite Repair Committee (C.A.C.R.C.) to become part of the task group of your choice.

What you’ll learn and know?

  • You will learn your current composite knowledge level compared to the SAE-AIR4839 Part 1 course curriculum without studying any course content before taking these quizzes.
  • That your overall basic level is tested in 17 quiz titles /modules as shown below, with an average of 30 multiple-choice questions per quiz
  • After completing these 17 quiz modules, you will know your personal knowledge score.
  • Secondly, you can update your knowledge that is currently missing if your score is below 75% in a module.
  • You can update your knowledge by following each separate course sub-module of the SAE-AIR4938 Part 1 step by step here at our website.
  • You can start with the FREE  OLMS-025 Module 5 Safety & Environment. (Click this link)

Why should I take this knowledge level assessment test?

  • By the end of this comprehensive test, we have assessed your current knowledge level compared to all modules, as noted in the AIR4938 Part!
  • Completing this assessment test is very important for your career in commercial aviation composites; that is why the price is low!
  • If you do not update your current knowledge, advanced composites regularly, you miss important things.
    Secondly, it is important if you are planning your career in the rapidly changing composite world!
  • By the outcome of this knowledge test, we can give you career advice and plan to enrol for further training courses
    you can schedule a live video call meeting with us to discuss your career path. Click this link!
  • Therefore we recommend you, Update your knowledge if missing through online learning on this elaraning website.
  • For Hands-On Composite courses on one of our locations, please visit our Hand-on training website (Click here!)

Rules for engaging this assessment test:

  • The right answer can be the letter a,b or c.
  • DO NOT answer any question that you really don’t know or DO NOT understand at all,  skip the question and go to the next one.
  • Please also answer every question WITHOUT GAMBLING  a, b or c!
  • If you do not gamble, it will give you the best result overview of your current knowledge in advanced composites.
  • Taking these 3 answer multiple-choice quizzes, approximately 45 seconds per question is enough time for you to read and understand the question and select the right answer.
  • After finalizing all 17 quizzes, you will receive a certificate of accomplishment.
  • If your scores are under  75%  in a quiz module, we advise updating your current Composite knowledge by enrolling on the course module.
  • Your overall score outcome of all lesson quizzes in the list should have a 75% minimum scoring rate per examination.
    You will be able to download a PDF with an overview of the percentage of all 17 modules!
  • You can invite your colleagues/managers or a group working in the advanced composite industry to take the test to experience their general scores.

This general Knowledge Assessment level test compromising  17 quiz modules according to the principles of the SAE-AIR4938, without classroom lecture or studying actual course content.
Just take these QUIZZES as-is and, you go on a journey through advanced composites to assess your current knowledge!
At the end of all quizzes, you will find your overall score per module and current PDF format to be downloaded

All 17 Quiz subjects:
We have multiple-choice questions according to the principles  subjects of the SAE- AIIR4938 Part I curriculum containing the following module quizzes:

Lesson-Quiz    1       Introduction to Composites
Lesson-Quiz    2      Human Factors
Lesson-Quiz    3      Reinforcement Fibers
Lesson-Quiz    4      Matrix systems
Lesson-Quiz    5      Safety and Environment
Lesson-Quiz    6      Pre-Impregnation Materials
Lesson-Quiz    7      Adhesives
Lesson-Quiz    8      Structural Design Considerations
Lesson-Quiz    9      Material Handling and Storage
Lesson-Quiz    10    Facilities and Equipment
Lesson-Quiz    11     Vacuum bagging
Lesson-Quiz    12     Heating devices
Lesson Quiz     13     Source Documents
Lesson-Quiz    14     Protective Coatings and Finishes
Lesson-Quiz    15     Repair Selections Considerations
Lesson-Quiz    16     Inspection Techniques
Lesson-Quiz    17     Machining of Composites

Time required:
Assessment Time:  6 hours* and 35 minutes on average for 17 Modules (*45 seconds per answer average depending on your current knowledge.)
You can complete all 17 quizzes at your own pace and time available. The maximum time set is 7 days.
We advise you: to go through all these quizzes to get a good overview of your current knowledge in advanced Composites and Composite Repair!

Training Type:

  • 17  Quizzes, multiple-choice questions, three answer a, b, c.

Learning Method

  • 17 automated, self-grading quizzes allowing students to check their understanding
  • No learning method applies to this online e-learning knowledge assessment plan.
  • You can follow this assessment test at your pace where ever you are at any time.

Language of course quizzes:
Technical British and American English

Group Size:
Unlimited size for this knowledge quiz

Corporate solution:
If you have more than 10 participants to enrol as a company, contact us by filling in the corporate contact form. Click here, please!

Examination/Final Outcome:
During this online assessment level test only, interactive questions are asked,
The minimum Pass rate per quiz module  is  75%,

Upon Completion:
Upon completing this online e-learning assessment test, you or your company can download receive a certificate of accomplishment.
Secondly, you can download a PDF with an overview of your score per Quiz module in a  table with a total overview of your score on the 17 module quizzes
When you complete this test, you will receive personal points on your account as indicated per the course.
If you have enough points, you can register for a FREE e-learning course of your choice!

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Copyright by Earth&Flight Composites BV. Training & Consultancy, The Netherlands

(Click here ) Have  a look what the  EASA document tells you about  Knowledge asessement!!

Minimum Requirements for online e-learning assessment course:

  • Direct Internet access or via WIFI
  • Desktop, Laptop, tablet, or Mobile phone
  • In-Earplugs or Headset (depending on how you follow this course)
  • Notebook, pencil or ballpoint to make notes
  • Calculator
  • Able to read and understand technical Aviation English
  • In-ear plugs or headset
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