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In this quiz, “Matrix systems”, you will state the difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting matrix materials, describe the roles and limitations of matrix materials, describe the storage and handling requirements, determine and calculate various mix ratios, describe the cure cycle, and describe the matrix cross-linking terminologies. In addition, you will answer and select appropriate filler materials to the extent that a given resin system mix ratio with filler materials can be calculated using an established ratio.

Mixing and Mix Ratios; Weight, Volume, Mixing Process
Curing of Resins; A, B, and C Stages, Flow versus Gelation, Glass Transition, Viscosity
Curing Reactions
Potting; Fillers, Micro-Balloons, Chopped Fibers, Fumed Silica

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This Composite knowledge assessment test contains one quiz/module subject according to the principles of the SAE Aerospace Information Report AIR4938 curriculum, which is an EASA/FAA approved and accepted as a training standard in Boeing and Airbus manuals.

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  • 1 Quiz/module, with three answer multiple-choice systems a, b, and c.

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