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Online-elearning Training and knowledge assessment.

Excellent elearning courses from the Experts to become an expert
Our online e-learning training programs on composite repair is interactive.
In addition to videos, pictures and other interactions, you are swiftly brought through the contents.
At the end of the online training and after completing the final quiz, you can immediately print out your personal certificate.

Advantages for participants

  • Conveying the e-learning contents interactively
  • Quality assured training contents available
  • Adjustable to the individuals learning process
  • Stopping or pausing the modules at any time
  • The personal instructor assists possibility one on one always available to a meeting appointment by Zoom or other virtual media.
  • Accessible from any PC or tablet  with an internet connection

Employee training courses help organizations develop and grow.

There’s a reason why so many organizations turn to ongoing education for their internal growth: it works.
A business that engages employees offers them meaningful opportunities to advance their abilities.
Secondly, it makes them part of the course creation process and will see greater commitment from their workforce.
Thirdly, they develop a stronger awareness of the organization’s priorities and goals.

So, whether you’re planning to develop an internal course for your own organization or collaborate as a consultant, make sure you go the extra mile to ensure your course is a success.

  • In addition to the advantages for the participants, there are further advantages for companies:
  • We can adapt our course content for your company-specific requirements (bespoke)
  • Quality assured training content.
  • Abstract contents are graphically presented with the aid of simulators
  • Learning control can be customized
  • Work process-oriented learning is possible
  • No travelling to any training location, saving a lot of cost on lodging, daily allowance, and travel.

We provide new staff assessment services, currency & recurrent skill training for existing staff in the composite industry.

  • We at Earth & Earth&Flight Composites Training & Consultancy (EFC) provide assessment and training services exclusively for the composites industry.
  • EFC offers a service aimed at companies, recruitment agencies when recruiting new staff such as composite technicians, certifying staff and quality control personnel.
  • We at EFC are active in the composite industry for more than three decades.
    In this time period, we have met contractor technicians/certifying staff working in the composite industry or applying for a composite job without a clue of advanced composites.
  • We can provide composite-related companies and recruitment agencies to distinguish genuine composite technicians’ applicants from cowboys in this industry. Hiring or outsourcing the wrong staff will damage the reputation of your company or agency. We can prevent his.


  • With our service, we can provide your company with an assessment of any applicant/ contractor to be hired to see what is lagging.
  • Secondly, we can provide the applicant/contractor with the required additional training.
  • This meets your or your client’s requirements and expectations to guarantee compliance with the international standards of a composite technician skill set
  • We will provide them with additional Basic to Advanced composite training in our facility locations or anywhere else worldwide needed to do the job right.

Staff Assessment

  • Every company wants to have experienced hiring new staff/contractors.
    Finding out too late that there is no match or lack of knowledge or skills.
  • Sometimes, new applicants applying for a job at your company, local or abroad, involve relocating what can be expensive!
  • If the applicants are not suitable for the job applied to afterwards this a big concern.
  • We are the matchmakers who can prevent a mismatch by assessment before hiring a new applicant/contractor for the short or long term period.

E-learning website Online knowledge assessment
On our NEW e-learning website (Click here), you can easily assess your NEW to be hired or current staff actual knowledge on Advanced Composites.
Let your staff perform our online assessment quizzes course (Click this link)  OLMS-020, covering the 17 module quizzes.

  • The OLM-20 Knowledge assessment test is set up by us according to the principles of the CACRC-SAE-AIR4938 Part 1 training document.
  • Our OLMS-020 Assessment test takes approximately one day, depending on the current knowledge of the participant.
  • The participant(s) can perform this test at their own pace when and where they want to on a PC or tablet within a period of 5 days.
  • The participant(s) will receive an overview of their personal score per module 17  modules are tested in total.
  • The minimum scoring rate per module quiz is 75%, as per the standard of the EASA / FAA.
  • For the 17 quiz end scores, when under  75%, we can offer additional Bespoke customized currency training per participant or in a group setting.

We can:

  • Assess the capability of new applicants applying for a composite job before
  • Assess Permanent staff in a company to establish the required current level of knowledge for the composite job
  • Perform a Composite related Resume/Curriculum Vitae check /verification
  • Perform a Composite related certificate check, if it meets the standard  for the required job
  • Assess  Motivation of the applicant
  • Motor skills of the applicant (Practical hands-on on-site at one of  our workshops in The Netherlands  or Leipzig, Germany)
  • We will send a detailed assessment report of the potential present to new to be a staff member or current staff member.

As Management or HR you can also schedule a call virtual ZOOM MEETING with us for further in-depth information and training advice  online (Click this link
For corporate contact click her:  Corporate solutions.

Assessment & Hands-on training locations

We do practical Hands-on Assessments of your New staff technicians and others,
We perform Currency or recurrent training for your permanent staff at the following locations:

Onsite World Wide, at your facility.

We are flexible in planning to come directly to your facility anywhere to perform a knowledge and skill assessment,
For hiring new staff and or existing staff w to perform an assessment, but also currency and recurrent training
(*Contact us for a minimum of the classroom, material, and equipment needed)

At Leipzig Halle, Germany, Training location
Since 2017 we perform Hands-on training and composite knowledge assessment of existing and NEW staff.
We do this at our partner HEICO Aircraft Maintenance a Part 145 Maintenance location located 15 min. from  Leipzig Halle Airport.

At our Schiphol Amsterdam Training location,
Training Services offered 30 minutes  drive from Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
Hands-on training  Aotoclave training, assessment for new applicants, for contractors who need additional knowledge & skills for the job to apply.

Click on this link to go to our Technician Hands-on training courses

Corporate request for assessment or training services Click here

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