M51 Composites Monthly (PDF)

The Lead Defining Composite Stiffness (Through-the-Thickness) By Rik Heslehurst, PhD Most composite laminate design analysis is based on the in-plane stiffness properties of the individual plies (Ex, Ey and Gxy). However, there are some design areas where through-the- thickness stiffness values are needed, such as fastener torque, T-joint peeling loads, composite skinned sandwich structure imbedded … Read more

How could 5G connectivity make Aircraft Repair more efficient?

New Products and Technologies at MRO Exhibition in Amsterdam Europe 2021 Introduction Earth & Flight Composites BV Training and Consultancy Bert Groenewoud is the owner and founder of this e-learning website. Bert is a composite repair specialist and certified instructor with over three decades of experience in Composite Repair.  Together with Composite repair specialists GMI … Read more

Composite repairs in the future

“Composite repairs now and in the future.” (Reading time 10  minutes) In September 2011, the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report on the “status of the FAA’s actions to oversee the safety of composite aeroplanes” (GAO-11- 849 Aviation Safety). The study was necessary, it said, because “although composites are lighter and stronger than … Read more

Ho do you effectively repair an Aircraft Radome?

” How and were to get an Aircraft Radome Repair Training?”  To all Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO stations) and composite repair technicians in the maintenance of Aircraft Radomes: An Aircraft radome is more than just a cover for your aircraft’s radar unit for an MRO composite repair station. It’s an integral part of … Read more

Is Online training for businesses worth the investment?

4errrrrr Is online training for businesses worth the investment? You may have heard a lot about online learning, but how do you know it’s the best solution for your organization? Many businesses need more efficient training, whether for new hires, continued education, or leadership development. However, it’s not always clear to these organizations how they … Read more

Training: Can you afford not to?

Training: Can you afford not to? Last week I visited a machine shop owned by a friend of mine and saw that one of his machines was taken apart. I was intrigued, that piece of equipment usually was one of his “star producer”. After inquiring as to what the problem was, he told me that … Read more

What about Matrix Viscosity?

What about Matrix Viscosity By Alain Michout @ M51 Resources, Inc. An important factor to take into consideration when thinking about matrix material is its viscosity. Viscosity is the measure of a fluid’s resistance to deformation at a given rate a.k.a. a fluid’s resistance to flow under shear stresses. Thereby viscosity (η) can be expressed … Read more

What does M51 Resources, Inc. stands for?

Today’s engineers, managers, and technicians live in a world of increasing deadlines with an ever-growing need for deep and immediate knowledge. M51 Resources started with the realization that training, consulting, and research activities could no longer be seen and considered in isolation but rather as a whole interrelated system for promoting knowledge in the field … Read more