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Learn from the best Course Creators in Advanced Composites. Unlock the Future of Aviation with Composite Academy: Your Pathway to Mastery

EFC offers an extensive range of Composite related courses for on-line elearning still growing by the day, Courses for technicians, QC inspectors, Certifying staff, Engineers and many others to gain more in-depth advanced Composite knowledge. We also offer FREE courses to enrol. Every course has a default setup, but if preferred we can make it fit your specific wishes. 

Please let us know what composite courses your interest is in e-learning in Composites?

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Commercial Aviation Composite Repair standards

We prepare and provide an excellent e-learning platform for online distance learning for technicians, inspectors, engineers and others. Our trainers are experts in their field.

We like to share our knowledge and skills gained of more the three decades in advanced composite fabrication and repairs. Take a look at the SAE -CARCRC training task group video for more information about standardisation in composite repair training, where we are task group members to share or knowledge for the generations to come

Having over more than three decades of experience in Advanced composite repair and fabrication of part and tooling, I want to share my extensive knowledge with anyone who needs assistance or information.

Instead of taking all this knowledge and skill experience with us when pension time has come, We want to share instead of wasting all gained over more than three decades.

Who can benefit from this?

  • HR department; advice in setting up Composite courses, course content and practical exercises
  • Composite Shop managers or leads; to check and assess the current knowledge of technicians and many more
  • Composite shop technicians; Practical issues, career path advice, knowledge assessment and so on

In the many years we have been active on the composites market we have gained the trust of many clients. 

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